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So is Polian better than Ozzie

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yes. if you only counting W L records, playoff records, head to head records (especially that one), super bowl appearances.

as i always said, we wake up on february day after the super bowl wearing Colts jerseys. saints are a team respected by all. they my second team now. great unis, tradition, fans, humility, perseverence. nothing like the gauwky raizens.

Polian a fine exec. So is Ozzie. Where Polian “gets the nod”, based on wins and losses of course, is that he was fortunate enough to land a fabulous QB (thanks to having the 1 pick in the draft, because they were the worst team in the NFL the prior year) who has never missed a single start in his entire career, and has probably been worth at least 40 additional victories alone in this decade. wins that would have been losses with basically ANY other QB behind center. And I probably being conservative with that estimate. Cheap Jerseys china So yes, he struck gold with probably the best player at the most important position.

The Colts have a great luxury: Peyton Manning. When your most important position is locked up, it much easier to build around. The Colts had three playoff appearance in their Indianapolis history until they drafted Peyton Manning in 1998. They were able to draft him because they were 3 13 in the season, while we were 6 9.

We can say that Polian drafted correctly in And then he focused on simply outscoring opponents, neglecting the defense and giving Peyton Manning all the tools he needed to excel.

Is he a better GM? No. I don think you can make that call. You CAN say that he knew he had the best QB of a generation and simply focused on his strengths.

I think Polian is one of the best GM in the game today. Ozzie is as well. Polian has a team that has one of the best season records for a decade, has won multiple division titles, been to two superbowls and won one. Ozzie has a team that has a decent record over the decade, has usually been a contender, has won a couple of division titles, and won their only superbowl. I would give the upper hand slightly to Polian, but there are quite a few teams that would not mind having Ozzie as their GM as well.

buhehehe. Matter of fact, you managed to dance around the two top ten defensive rankings you actually had (when was Indy an 1 D?). Top 5 O and a top 15 D is not bad at all, but lets be serious. That 2 and 1 D would have produced SB

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who worked with James Dean on

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LOS ANGELES Actor James Dean has symbolized teen rebellion for 60 years, but it was a tough kid from Hollywood who showed him the fine points.

The hot tempered leader of a street gang called the Athenians, Frank Mazzola staged the famous knife fight in Without a Cause, Dean landmark 1955 film about violent, disaffected, middle class youth. He advised Dean and director Nicholas Ray on gang talk and gang dress.Cheap Jerseys china He also steered the filmmakers away from an embarrassing choice of vehicles in the climactic run showdown.

had cars in the script that were like a model the Dead End Kids would drive, he told Lawrence Frascella and Al Weisel for Fast, Die Young, their 2005 book about Without a Cause. weren custom cars like we had. who went on to become an accomplished film editor, died Jan. 13, according to Jaime Larkin, a spokeswoman for the Motion Picture and Television Fund in Los Angeles. He was 79.

The cause of Mazzola death was not disclosed. However, he had Alzheimer disease and disappeared from his West Hollywood home for four days in June.

Mazzola was born in Hollywood on March 7, 1935, to a family that had worked in and around movies for generations. His father, Leonard Al Mazzola, was a stuntman and actor who got his start in silent films. As a child, Frank Mazzola was an extra in Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939) and other films.

By the time he was 19, he had graduated from Hollywood High School and briefly attended the University of Oregon. But much of his life was dominated by the Athenians so named, he told the Los Angeles Times in 2000, because guys were athletes and some were scholars. Their ranks included a kid named Syd Field, who later became a well known scriptwriting guru.

wasn like Scorsese Streets of New York, Mazzola said. was Hollywood. Mazzola, by his account, was involved in violence, from shoving matches on Hollywood Boulevard to stabbings in San Bernardino. He told an interviewer that he once smashed an opponent hard enough to send him flying through a shattered second story window.

When he tried to muscle his way onto the set of Without a Cause, the casting director saw trouble and threw him out. But Mazzola came back, managed to sneak up to Ray office, and impressed the director with his authenticity. He was given a $200 consulting fee, an office, and a script.

Mazzola had seen Dean on the set of of Eden but didn know him. first impression was that Jimmy was like a wild animal out of a cage, Mazzola, who had a small part in the film, said years later. was telling people to back away and to not look at him. Without a Cause, Mazzola took Dean to meet the Athenians. They sparred in a boxing ring. They hung out. Mazzola told him a little about fighting, reminding him to wrap his jacket around his forearm during the knife fight scene a maneuver Mazzola said he had developed through necessity.

Ultimately, Mazzola played the part of a gang member named Crunch. In some ways, he said, Dean played him, adopting his characteristic pose of leaning against a wall in his red jacket and T shirt.

Dean, who terrified Mazzola with his crazy driving on the tortuous road through Laurel Canyon, died in a car crash on Sept. 30, 1955, in Central California.

Mazzola went on to work behind the scenes at several studios, editing his first films in the late 1960s.

He became well known for his work with British director Donald Cammell, first on (1970), co directed by Nicolas Roeg.

almost got into a fight when one of the producers walked in like he was a tough guy, saying, flashbacks, no flash forwards, no cuts less than 10 frames,’ Mazzola later recalled. told him the only person I cut for is the director period. He said, the money guy, blah blah all that nonsense. was similarly independent during his restoration of Cammell Side (2000).

The director had committed suicide in 1996. When Mazzola viewed his friend final film, he said he out one of those primal screams. I kept running out of the room, coming back and watching it through my fingers. It was a complete embarrassment. reworking of it undid changes wrought by the studio.

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1000 fans see off Cardinals at airport

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1000 fans see off Cardinals at airport

PHOENIX As a lifelong Arizona Cardinals fan, Jose Sanchez felt profound joy in watching his team land a spot in the Super Bowl after years of mediocrity. He ranks the moment alongside the birth of his first son.

Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Sanchez said he would get into home games by scooping up tickets that had been discarded at halftime by fans frustrated with the Cardinals’ play. At a rally Monday for the Cardinals, Sanchez dressed in all crimson and proudly displayed the tattoo across his chest that bears the name of his home state.

The frustration of many failed seasons washed away during the NFC championship game that sent the Cardinals to the Super Bowl.

“It’s like being a bum and then becoming a millionaire the next day,” said Sanchez, a 29 year old from Tempe who works as a manager for an auto glass nfl jerseys

More than 1,000 fans gathered at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport to see off the Cardinals as they headed to Tampa for Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Cardinals, long the league’s doormat franchise with just one winning season in the last 24 years, earned their first playoff berth since 1998 and first divisional title since they won the NFC East in 1975.

Many longtime fans say they felt vindicated after years of watching the Cardinals struggle and are welcoming the addition of new fans, many of whom moved here from other states and were attached to teams back home.

Fans carried signs saying, “Shock the World!” and held up a strip of plywood bearing a team logo that was made out of Christmas lights. Fathers standing behind barricades hoisted their kids on their shoulders so the little ones could see players step onto the team plane. A man was booed loudly as he walked the airport grounds with a Steelers jersey.

Years of love for the Cardinals reached a critical point for Eddie Ortiz when the Philadelphia Eagles scored their last touchdown and narrowed Arizona’s lead in the Cardinals’ victory in the NFC championship game.

When barbecuing at home, Ortiz said he fell to his knees and prayed that the Cardinals could pull out a win. “Please don’t let this happen,” Ortiz said, recalling his thoughts at that moment.

Ronnie Chavez, a bank employee at Monday’s rally, regards the Cardinals’ presence in the Super Bowl as payback for his years of support. “All the years, all the people all trying to hate on the Cardinals The Cardinals are nothing, we are not going to do anything,” Chavez said. “But, hey, look at where we are right now.”

Jeremy Stebbins, who has been a Cardinals fan since he was old enough to watch football, said he has been waiting a long time for his team to go to the Super Bowl and is happy to see others line up behind the team.

Toni Caiola, a former Buffalo Bills fan, said the Cardinals won her over when her mother, an Arizona season ticket holder, dragged her to a game in 1991. Over the years, she has caught grief from other fans for having worn the Cardinals’ red.

“It’s about time they got some support,” said Caiola, who lives in Glendale and works for a printing company. “We have got room on the bandwagon. We’ll move over. They just got to remember this feeling and stick with them.”

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