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Ron Davies obituary

After he scored four goals against Manchester United for Southampton in August 1969, Ron Davies was described by United’s manager Matt Busby as “the finest centre-forward in Europe”. Davies, who has died aged 70, scored 153 goals in 281 appearances for the Saints. As powerful with his head as his fellow Welshman John Charles, he attributed his remarkable jumping ability to his practice of leaping over hurdles in army boots. “When I took those boots off,” he recalled, “I felt I could jump over the moon.”

Born in Holywell, in Flintshire, north-east Wales, he went to the same school as the Spurs footballer Mike England, whom he played alongside in internationals for Wales. His brother Paul Davies later played for Arsenal.

Chester FC, in the Fourth Division, was the first of Ron Davies’s clubs. In his first full season there, in 1960-61, he scored 23 goals in 39 games, but no bigger club came in for him. Early in the 1962-63 season he moved to Luton Town, but canada goose coat 1000 bulbs lamps his 21 goals in 32 games did best mens canada goose parka not save the club from relegation to the Third Division. Early in the next season he returned to the Second Division when he was signed by Norwich City.

By the time he arrived at top-flight Southampton in 1966 (for a then club record of £55,000) he was a Welsh best canada goose jacket for women international. His first cap, against Northern Ireland, came at the age of 21 in 1964. At the Dell, he immediately formed a devastating partnership with another tall striker, Martin Chivers, who canada goose coat 1000 calorie diet was canada goose coat 1000 best ideas about canada goose parka on pinterest calorie as adept on the ground as Davies was in the air. In his first season at Southampton, Davies scored 37 league goals – the first of two consecutive seasons in which he was the top goalscorer in the division (the second best canada goose jacket reddit was shared with George Best).

It took Davies a few years to gain a regular place with Wales, but his eventual partnership with Wyn Davies was a trial to any defence. In the 1968-69 British Home Championship, Davies was on splendid form: he scored twice against Scotland at Wrexham, following that with a spectacular goal at Wembley against England. His final goal tally for his country was nine in 29 appearances, his international career ending in 1974.

Gradually, the goals ran out for him at Southampton; he scored nine in his buy canada goose jacket toronto final season, 1972/73 black friday, and then moved along the coast for a Second Division season with Portsmouth. Manchester United surprised many by signing him in November 1974. Although he never started a game for their first team, he made eight league best ideas about canada goose outlet online on pinterest appearances as a substitute, then had a brief spell at Millwall.

A gifted draughtsman, Davies published cartoons and caricatures in his playing days. He ended his career in the US, where he played for the Los Angeles Aztecs (on the recommendation of Best) and Seattle Sounders in the late 70s. best canada goose jacket He eventually moved to New Mexico, where he lived in a mobile home with his partner, Chris. She died in 2009.

Davies said of that memorable game at Old Trafford in 1969: “I have still got the tape, and when I see the way I could jump in the air, I do think, hell, man, that was a talent.” He was never forgotten at Southampton, where a campaign began in 2007 to raise money for a hip replacement operation that he needed. “I was told it would catch up with me,” he said. “It is my left hip – the leg I took off on.”

Ronald Tudor Davies, footballer, born 25 May 1942; died 24 May 2013

This article was amended on 31 May 2013. The original stated that Davies joined Chester City. At that time the club’s name was Chester FC.

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Put aside the contemporary marketing idealism of creating

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Want your journals written by hand in a book

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Celine Replica Bags Merck said on Monday it earned $895 million (554.96 million pounds), or 31 cents per share, in the quarter. That compared with $1.12 billion, or 38 cents per share, in the year earlier period.Excluding special items, Merck earned 90 cents per share, topping the average analyst forecast of 88 cents per share, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.Company sales fell 4 percent to $10.56 billion, below Wall Street expectations of $10.67 billion. Government programs.Sales of arthritis treatment Remicade rose 5 percent to $604 million, a marked slowdown from the 17 percent growth seen in the prior quarter, with competition in Europe from cheaper “biosimilar” versions of the medicine. Celine Replica Bags

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Its okay to know it wont be easy

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canada goose outlet toronto factory Recently, the comic book industry has searched itself by means of comic strips. This approach canada goose outlet appears to be useful for titles like Spiderman, X Men and Sin City in the sale, but it may have been a pain for other titles that ran into the Box Office. Therefore, this is not enough to bring the redemption to the industry. canada goose outlet toronto factory

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Used consistently and religiously this beauty ritual

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Require smokers keep a distance of six metres from hospital

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Cheap Prada This herb can help with the treatment of erectile dysfunction by improving flow of blood to the penis. It has worked for a lot of men who have been having challenges with impotence. However they have been reports that Ginkgo may cause the thinning of blood and may increase the risk of bleeding and this may be very dangerous if you plan to undergo surgery, or take aspirin or warfarin which are blood thinning medications.. Cheap Prada

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Why not consider keeping your own pet chickens? It’s great fun

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Soubry serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of

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Carmen Bachmann is a professor of Canada Goose Outlet tax and finance at Leipzig University. There are some 6,000 political refugees living in Leipzig, and the government is only able to supply their basic needs. She could have helped by volunteering Cheap Canada Goose for relief agencies that collect clothing or furniture for the refugees, but that didn’t seem to her the best use of her time..

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Also, dubbing and censoring may be an issue

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Celine Luggage replica In about 1973 we put a Celine Outlet 32 foot x 24 foot addition on the Cheap Celine existing house we bought. The addition called for a 4′ deep foundation making the house when the addition was done a split level building. This was done because we knew that the ledge removal would be a challenge.. Celine Luggage replica

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If you know how much two gallons is

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the square wins the palme d’or at cannes

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Replica Leather Belt The world’s least sexy superfood seems ripe for Scottish influence. Goji Berries no thanks. Something with “weed” in its name is more Scotland’s style. They acknowledge Credit Card, Visa, Amex and PayPal as options of payment. They have such a large number of alternatives to browse through you can shop by classification or things. Designer Replica Belts Portions of the classes incorporate spring collection, exclusives, work wear, surf skate, designer, boutique, curvy and many more.. Replica Leather Belt

replica belts for sale Researchers have previously shown that these bots favored Trump 5:1 over Hillary Clinton by Election Day, and their conclusion, combined with those from the just published research, lends credibility to the claims that fake news helped Trump win.Legions of bots can publish dozens of tweets per account, per day, and coordinated networks of them can both inflate a user’s follower Replica Belts count, and, when weaponized, amplify misinformation.This click beltsreplica kind of choreography is impressive, but users can protect themselves. Rather Replica Belts than wait on tech companies to find and implement effective solutions (as hoaxers grow their armies), experts advise more carefully reading and vetting information shared online, rather than simply taking viral information at face value. This, they say, could jam these automated rumor mills.”Whether by word of mouth, email, or Twitter, rumors proliferate quite easily,” said Brenda K replica belts for sale.

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