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A Miserable Year for Organic Search

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Organic Search has been the cornerstone of Cabinquest.US traffic over the past several years. I have seen a steady increase in traffic every year with the peak season being in July and August as I indicate with the blue line in the graphic below. Right around March 20th, I noticed the first change. When I was expecting to see the traffic climb to summer highs, there was a drop and then flat line through summer.
As you can see, right around the 1st of July we had an outage and then until August 24th the flat line continues. Then on the 24th a very dramatic drop in traffic causes a significant drop in adsense revenue. The end result is that on this site that should have done $10k this year only did $5.9k.
So thinking through the year, considering the Google changes that have been talked about and the why’s and what for’s I’m trying to make sense of it. One of the things that I realized early in the year is that we had millions of mal-formed URL’s being generated from the site. Not sure how this happened but the site should only have 40-50,000 URL’s. So throughout the month of April I worked on routines to remove the URL’s.
I created a process to validate the URL’s and use a 301 redirect to send them to the correct URL or actually send a 410 to indicate it was just bad. As you can see in the chart above significant progress has been made on getting rid of the bad URL’s but there is still some to be made. I have about double the URL’s indexed as the site actually has.
During the summer months we also worked on fattening up the data. Many of the records I had were only address and contact information for the properties. So we researched the various rental properties and updated the general descriptions plus ensured that the address information was correct.
We also added structured data to the site so that each property was indexed with very particular information listed for each one. I hope that these two items will pay off as the site recovers. 
And if you notice in the top graph, my site is starting to recover. It’s a far cry from what I expected this year but hopefully I’ll see better traffic next year.

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We do not suddenly panic because we are not winning

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39 7 Alabama average winning score in its home opener during

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For a yearly membership I would expect to pay at least $500

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But people living in these dense cities need green spaces to

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standards of beauty sound even more ridiculous when they

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The earlier focus on Agrippina’s schemes shifts to the

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Joining a forum will give you a chance to exchange pertinent

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And guess what? I’ve never looked back and thank Goodness my

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Moreover plastic furniture such as chair

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It’s tender enough not to need marinating for tenderization

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two political parties equal one big economic failure

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Replica handbags celine If you’re not familiar with the tri tip roast, here’s a briefing on this interesting cut: First off, it’s easily recognizable for its triangular shape (of course, that’s why it’s called tri tip). It’s a lean boneless cut from the bottom of the sirloin, and it’s sometimes called bottom sirloin or triangular roast. It’s tender enough not to need marinating for tenderization, and flavorful but it could be marinated or seasoned with a rub for flavor. Replica handbags celine

Celine Replica handbags Recently, Broward County Property Appraiser William Markham estimated that the overall value of residential properties in the county is down 5 percent. In December, he had predicted a 3 percent decline.Markhams assessments help local governments determine property tax rates. A decline in assessments creates the possibility of decreased tax revenue.In 1991, the typical single family home in Tamarac had an assessed value of $68,240. Celine Replica handbags

Celine Outlet The detonation made a loud sound which caused people to think a gun had been fired, police said. The device was described as homemade, with some sort of fireworks inside. The exact type of fireworks was unknown. Cultural, not genetic, adaptations have allowed humans to colonise the planet, but it remains unclear when such forms of culture first arose. The use of stone tools provides interesting insight. Recent research suggests that stone tool use may be the result of individual reinventions, or latent solutions more commonly seen in great apes, rather than through copied behaviour as per modern humans Celine Outlet.

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