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Trending Locations at CabinQuest.US

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As I work on my SEO plan for 2015, I have been looking at the trends for last year. I have set some targets for CabinQuest.US in general. First I am focusing on cabin rentals. I have always tried to include cottages, bed and breakfasts, resorts, lodges and privately owned vacation rentals in general. But for 2015 I will focus all SEO efforts on cabin rentals and the cabin rental industry to carve out my niche.

Based on that I am also focusing on the locations that really matter. I want to direct people to either my homepage or the city locations that have large concentrations of cabins in their vicinity and they have already been trending on CabinQuest.US. 
If I look at my stats from 2014., I see that Eureka Springs AR and Logan OH are locations that are already trending out of the 5000+ locations represented on CabinQuest.US. Out of those I queried for the top 10 locations by total hits for the year and then diagrammed their hits by month from January through October.
If you look at the top locations for 2014 you see that the top two far surpass the next 8. And those 8 aren’t significantly different. Most of them are locations that I would expect to see in the list are there. It could be argued that Logan and Rockbridge OH are really the same location because of their proximity to each other.
The one odd ball is New York, NY. I find it interesting that I’m getting organic traffic for New York to a site that is focused on cabin rentals. I may find that this changes as I drive more traffic to the site with my SEO initiatives.
So in summary, What I find is a list of targets that I want to leverage in my SEO plan for the 1st quarter of 2015. Besides targeting the home page. I’ll look at specific links, keywords and content building strategies to build traffic to the landing pages for these locations. 

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