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Learning to travel by Surfing CabinQuest.US

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I often sit in front of the TV and work on CabinQuest.US. Tonight, I’m watching KC play Denver. I sure hope KC can get some points in this 4th quarter. But that’s another story.

Tonight I was working on an issue where the map wasn’t displaying how I wanted when a city was selected. I tracked down the little piece of javascript that wasn’t doing it’s job, added an ‘=’ sign to an if statement comparison and all was well.

Then I needed to test it to make sure I didn’t affect something else that I didn’t mean to. It’s during my testing that I find little treasures in the data. A lot of times I click on the same links all the time. Eureka Springs, AR and Logan, OH are areas that I’m pretty familiar with so I do a lot of testing with them.

Tonight, I just happened to click on New Jersey and looked at the trending cities. I noticed that Cape May is topping the list. Following the link I see a big cluster of properties on the Cape May peninsula. I had been stationed in New Jersey in the 80’s but had never made it South of Asbury Park. So I wasn’t familiar with this part of Jersey. I think it’s fun to discover new travel hot spots.

One of these day’s I need to surf all of the states in CabinQuest and find the hot spots in each state. I could just run a SQL query on the database, but what’s the fun in that.

So if you’re looking for vacation hot spots try clicking on each state and looking at the trending locations list. You might just find something you never knew existed.


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December 1st, 2014 at 4:08 am

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