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SEO campaign for CabinQuest.US

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Since Google has been doing these Penguin and Panda updates it has been an interesting task to determine what pieces of a website is causing the search engine ranking to fall. Some of these are easy. Such as Payday loan and other sites that tend to be real spammy. Most of us know what they look like when we see them. But there are other things that are not so obvious.

A few years ago I was interested in an email spam filtering technique referred to as Bayesian filtering. It used a process where it recorded every word and object in an email and then after the user identified email that was spam, it compared the user identified spam messages to find similarities that existed in the spam email that was not in the non-spam email. It wasn’t surprising that certain word combinations would identify an email as spam such as “payday loan”. But what was interesting to me is that it also identified certain codes in html messages that set the color for backgrounds and borders. In comparing that information it was found that spam could be identified by the colors that were used in the email messages.

I like to think about this Bayesian filter example when I think about SEO. I’m not so sure that the colors of CabinQuest.US have much in common with spammy sites. But I wonder about other things. Like outbound links and how many go to sites that still exist. If I have a high percentage of unreachable links, could that be something that is similar to the sites that Google is trying to limit?

I also look at the number of trashy links that are generated from my site.Over the years the structure of the site has changed and if I haven’t kept up with 301 redirects it could reflect poorly on my site.

I’m not so sure that I want to study spammy sites to make sure that I don’t have anything in common with them. But it is a thought.


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