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A little more SEO

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Content Keywords August 10th, I had removed thousands of links from my site that were meant to help vacationers find cabins near national and state parks. What I believe all of those links were doing however was creating many thin content pages but also causing my main keywords to be about states and parks rather than cabins and resorts. Notice these two charts. The chart to the right was grabbed around the 10th of August and the second one was grabbed just today. You can see the great difference in content keywords as they relate to Cabins, Resorts, Lodges, Lake, rental etc.

cabins   I have noticed in Google Analytics that the queries that have been hitting over the past few weeks have been related more to cabins than parks. So I’m not so sure that the affect of the changes I made in August actually made a difference much sooner than the webmaster tools indicated that Google had recognized the change. Maybe this is just a delay in the way it reports. But over the next few weeks I hope to see an increase in traffic after this.


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October 9th, 2015 at 3:58 am

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