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Internet Travel Traffic on the Rise

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One of the things that I continuously do as a travel site owner is monitor the number of guests that visit the site on a daily, monthly and annual basis. As we all know the travel industry has had significant setbacks since the financial crisis in 2009. Immediately after that the amount of traffic to travel related web sites dropped significantly. For our peak season has traditionally been July. In 2010 our July numbers were okay but not nearly what they had been the year before.

CabinQuest.US traffic directly measured by Quantcast

One of the tools that we use to monitor website usage is be using a service named Quantcast to directly measure the number of visitors that come to our site. It also provides a number of useful demographics on the types of users based on gender, income, and age. According to the Quantcast measurement as of the writing of this entry CabinQuest.US is ranked at 170,040 in all sites on the Internet. Right now in the early weeks of May we are already at levels that top our numbers of July 2009. This is great news!

I’m hoping and I’m sure you are that this is a sign that the travel industry is recovering to pre-economic crisis levels. We’ll continue to watch these trends and to take advantage of these new increases in visitors to drive them to each of your rental propertly listings to get you as many leads as possible for this upcoming travel season. If you have any questions about marketing on CabinQuest.US please contact me at

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