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Summer of SEO (or not)

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This summer, I had become pretty disgusted with trying to get Google to generate more traffic for my site. It seemed like anything I did, wasn’t working. So I decided to un-Google my strategy for a while.

I started with building in Facebook integration. I had actually started with hybrid-auth as the backend for it but found that to be too complex for what I was doing. So I went back to the facebook API and built it from scratch. That worked much better for me. I provided an easy login and targeted the ‘review’ page for each cabin. I┬ástarted getting 1 or 2 new users every day which was great but I’m not getting them to comment as much as I thought they would.

Along with that I built an email campaign process. Most of my users have been the cabin owners themselves but now I have consumers logging in as well so I want to reach out to them monthly and get them back to the site for a look. So far this has worked well. And even with the falling Google numbers we are maintaining traffic with this direct marketing process.

I like this out of the box thinking for my site. I haven’t had to work traffic like this in the past but I hope that have alternatives to the sources will provide more stability in the future.


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August 30th, 2015 at 2:13 am

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