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A little bit of SEO

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Now that I have a social media integration and email campaign going I thought I’d spend some time on SEO again. This time I targeted two different areas.

The first was page speed. Google Analytics and pagespeed test has always indicated that I have blocking javascript on my above the fold content. So I committed myself to fixing that. The main problem was that I was using a jquery menu system which meant I had to load jquery first unless I wanted a very ugly page to flash by on load. So the first thing I did was to replace that with a pure CSS solution. This worked for all of my public facing pages but the pages. Google is now registering 0.00 seconds on many of my pages. My internal pages still using a significant amount of jquery but I was able to load them through scripting at the end of the page and that also helped the speed of those pages.

Content Keywords

Concentration of keywords

The other thing that I worked on was thin content. Several years ago I thought it would be a great feature to have links to all of the state and national parks, and then show the cabins that were closest to those parks. In practice however many of these pages either showed little or very similar content and Google/MOZ kept telling me that I have lots of thin/duplicate content. So in I removed all of the code that generated those pages and am now sending 410 status code to get them cleared out of the search engines.


As you can see by the content keywords report from Google webmaster the top words on my site were the ones generated by the state and national park links. I’m thinking that state, park, wildlife, lake, management, national, natural, historical, refuge, game and recreation should all drop off the list and cabins, resort, rental, and lodge should rise to the top. It has been a week and a half and I haven’t seen a change in this but I’m going to let this ride for a while and see what happens.

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August 31st, 2015 at 2:57 pm

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