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Social media affecting campaign strategies

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Campaign television ads are a chance for candidates who have little to no name recognition, or who are in a crowded field, a chance to know who they are and what they stand for.And while that boilerplate strategy is in many political playbooks, it probably isn’t the most efficient way to encourage likely voters to support a given candidate, according to one communication strategist. They’re likely to see more in the coming weeks as early voting for the March 15 primary election began Wednesday.There are 15 Republicans, a Democrat and Green Party candidate seeking to replace the former West Chester Twp. Republican.RELATED: Who’s seeking the 8th Congressional District seatThough some of the candidates have already attempted to let you know who they are by way of television ads, some political strategists say these may not be the most effective way to make sure their messages are heard by voters, especially younger voters.”TV is a 20th Century tactic,” said Jonathan Jaffe, founder of Newark, New Jersey based Jaffe Communications. He added that younger voters “spent their teen years” on social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. “They’re a very different voter.”Jaffe said his consulting company has been steering candidates away from television ads because there’s been a “noticeable decrease” in viewership and the expense doesn’t pay off.Instead, the focus is with online micro targeting, which he said costs 10 cents on the dollar compared to the thousands of dollars spent to produce and air television ads. Cheap Jerseys free shipping And television ads typically don’t provide an ability to have diversity in a candidate’s messaging strategy.”It’s about efficiency,” Jaffe said. “It’s about hyper targeting specific voters with specific messages.”That’s helped by polling, he said, which can tell a candidate or company working on behalf of a candidate, “who you need to reach out to and what to say to them about your candidate.”But for making a first impression to the widest possible number of voters, television ads still do that, said Miami University Hamilton political science professor John Forren.”As the old saying goes, there’s no second chance to make a good first impression,” Forren said. “That’s what these ads are about, making a good first impression on Republican primary voters who may just now be tuning in to the fact that there’s a contested Republican primary in the 8th Congressional District.”Current television ads for 8th District candidates Warren Davidson, Rep. Tim Derickson and Jim Spurlino are telling the voters the same message: “I’m one of you.” Sen. Bill Beagle’s campaign said they will also have a television ad coming out soon.Forren said these ads are “clearly targeting” different elements of the Republican primary electorate.”All in all, the ads for this campaign so far are almost a textbook case of Republican primary politics with the candidates all sounding anti establishment themes and appealing essentially to the segment of the electorate that cares deeply about conservative social causes,” Forren said.And these candidates are fighting for a “relatively narrow segment of voters: those most likely to turn out for a March election,” he said.Then once this partisan primary is over, Forren said whichever candidate comes out on top in GOP primary will make a shift to courting those voters on the right and far right to a more politically centric strategy.”The kinds of ads that we’ll see in the fall from the campaigns will probably look quite different from what we are seeing now,” he said.EARLY VOTINGIn person early voting hours begin Feb. 17. In Butler County, voters should go to the Butler County Board of Elections office at 1802 Princeton Road in Hamilton. In Warren County, voters should go to the Warren County Board of Elections office at 502 Justice Drive in Lebanon.

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