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So is Polian better than Ozzie

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yes. if you only counting W L records, playoff records, head to head records (especially that one), super bowl appearances.

as i always said, we wake up on february day after the super bowl wearing Colts jerseys. saints are a team respected by all. they my second team now. great unis, tradition, fans, humility, perseverence. nothing like the gauwky raizens.

Polian a fine exec. So is Ozzie. Where Polian “gets the nod”, based on wins and losses of course, is that he was fortunate enough to land a fabulous QB (thanks to having the 1 pick in the draft, because they were the worst team in the NFL the prior year) who has never missed a single start in his entire career, and has probably been worth at least 40 additional victories alone in this decade. wins that would have been losses with basically ANY other QB behind center. And I probably being conservative with that estimate. Cheap Jerseys china So yes, he struck gold with probably the best player at the most important position.

The Colts have a great luxury: Peyton Manning. When your most important position is locked up, it much easier to build around. The Colts had three playoff appearance in their Indianapolis history until they drafted Peyton Manning in 1998. They were able to draft him because they were 3 13 in the season, while we were 6 9.

We can say that Polian drafted correctly in And then he focused on simply outscoring opponents, neglecting the defense and giving Peyton Manning all the tools he needed to excel.

Is he a better GM? No. I don think you can make that call. You CAN say that he knew he had the best QB of a generation and simply focused on his strengths.

I think Polian is one of the best GM in the game today. Ozzie is as well. Polian has a team that has one of the best season records for a decade, has won multiple division titles, been to two superbowls and won one. Ozzie has a team that has a decent record over the decade, has usually been a contender, has won a couple of division titles, and won their only superbowl. I would give the upper hand slightly to Polian, but there are quite a few teams that would not mind having Ozzie as their GM as well.

buhehehe. Matter of fact, you managed to dance around the two top ten defensive rankings you actually had (when was Indy an 1 D?). Top 5 O and a top 15 D is not bad at all, but lets be serious. That 2 and 1 D would have produced SB

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