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City of Spies: Berlin, which is Truth in Television

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Mind Screw: Is Coppola Coppelius or not? If he is, how did he get the Italian accent? Are there demonic powers out to get Nathanael, or is he just imagining that? And how could anybody with early 1800s technology build a lifelike robot that gets mistaken for a human being? Mistaken for Profound: Olimpia can only react with “Ah! Ah!” to everything. Besotted Nathanael sees that as an indication of the depth of her feelings. Motifs: Eyes. Of course, he’s involved in a major car chase later on. Checkpoint Charlie: We’re introduced to Solo as he passes through the Trope Namer, and he has to take Gaby over the Berlin Wall when his cover is blown shortly after. City of Spies: Berlin, which is Truth in Television. Composite Character: See Adaptational Badass, the Forresters are more or less a combination of themselves and their liege lords House Glover. Indeed, they wield an economic position in the North equivalent to House Manderly due to the Ironwood trade being something seemingly everyone in King’s Landing wants a piece of. Conflicting Loyalty: A persistent theme.

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