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And it is a matter of certainty that they will destroy us with

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replica handbags online Types of magic and its sections

The magic of several types and several forms and some known and some unknown and some of the scientists mentioned seven types and some increased it, but I guessed that the magic has no known limit and no known species Valcher large-scale and the conditions of people are different and all affects the magic It is in a way different from the others and all works magic according to his need and purpose of it, but we will remember the most popular types of magic among people and through the cases that pass us on the treatment we say God and success: Distinguish:

The most famous types of magic is the magic that the magician does to differentiate between people (between man and wife, between The man and his father or his mother, or between brothers and friends and all the people) and this is mentioned in the Koran in the words of God (and learn from them what they differentiate between one and his wife and what they are harming him from anyone except God’s permission and learn what harm them and does not benefit them) : From verse 102)

This type of magic shows its effect on the behavior of the enchanted and its nature becomes a different person changed by magic to hate him and hate him of the work of magic for him and leads to extreme aversion, but that the devil is represented by the character of the Enchanted for him Vkrh brother The second is the magic of love (Tula)

It is the magic that works to harness someone to love for others in order to achieve an end and need of him and what works for women to love men or men So that women love and other works for which this kind of magic and often works this magic in order to get the ends find some women work magic to her husband so be voluntary in everything, including those who work magic so as not to marry them and in this form and there is working magic To someone to steal his money and control him how he wants

III: the magic of imagination, insanity, disease, lethargy, phones

These types All are one in the sense of magic, which works for the injury of a person all the purpose of harming this person and is done by the blowing by the devil is akin to harm, a kind of exhausting the person until he loses his mind or dies

The magic of disabling marriage < > And this is one of the most famous types of magic spread these days and it works on the first two strikes to disable the girl from theMarriage and the second to disable the young man from marriage and this is a lot of spread these days, may God protect us and exalted him

The girl or young man is 30 years old and more without marriage and the more the girl finds a groom you find it will not go back without cause and the young man knocking a thousand door without the possibility of marriage < Fifth: The magic of connection to sexual intercourse This is one of the most dangerous types of witchcraft also works for the man even connects his wife can not get his wife, which leads to loss of nerves and cheer him up may reach the divorce and this magic may work for the man may work For women (women may bind and have ties to men)
Sixth: the magic of infertility or infertility

This type works to prevent the offspring and offspring The man, or the woman, has no children and never fails. We have had so many cases of this. You find the owners of a doctor for a doctor, and the reason is magic replica handbags online.

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