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I am moving forward with a data update project for CabinQuest.US and Cabins, Resorts and Lodges. We have about 18,000 properties that do not have complete information. Mostly phone numbers, email addresses and URL’s. But also some descriptive text as well. This is just the first stage of validating all of our listings. CabinQuest.US started off primarily as a directory of vacation properties but will be moving to a subscription service. This will mean that the current records will be used to market to the property owners to get them to validate their information and subscribe to premium services. Or if they don’t want the premium services the record will revert to a “directory” type of listing with minimal features. All of this process requires that our data and the state of the record be much more comprehensive.

We have also opened up to the international markets with Cabins, Resorts and Lodges. Over the years I have had requests to market properties in other countries but our application wasn’t capable of doing that. We now have the data structure and application in place to get that done. The new application will also support multiple languages. French and Spanish are set up and ready to go and should be released in the near future. It also provides for much more robust content management and newsletter/communication┬ásystems to help maintain better relationships with both the property owner and vacation planner.

I’m really looking forward to the next few months and we get these new products and features fully functional.


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July 11th, 2013 at 6:49 am

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